The Medway Act 2001

Second hand dealer registration

Medway Trading Standards, on behalf of the Council, and with the co-operation and support of Kent Police has promoted the Medway Act 2001. An identical Act was promoted by Kent County Council so the same provisions will apply throughout the whole geographical county of Kent.

The Act aims to regulate the trade in second hand goods and to make it more difficult for criminals to dispose of stolen property because dealers in second hand goods will need to be registered and to keep records. Legitimate traders have nothing to fear from the Act, and in fact stand to gain in both trade and reputation as dishonest traders are forced out of the market.

The Act requires all dealers to register and keep certain records. If you need help completing the form, the please read our guidance. You can then register online .

Alternatively, if you wish to register your business by post, then you can download an application form .  Please send your postal applications to: Medway Council, Trading Standards Team, Gun Wharf, Dock Road, Chatham, Kent. ME4 4TR

For further advice or registering by telephone please contact Medway Council Trading Standards on 01634 333170 or email

Occasional sales.

The legislation will also affect occasional sales (which includes events such as boot fairs, markets and one day sales).  Written notification of an occasional sale must be sent to the Council at least 21 days in advance, by both the occupier of the premises where the sale is to take place, and also the person holding the sale. Please read our guidance notes for further information. You can then download our notification forms and post to the address above.