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Business Advice

Where can I get Business Advice

Contact the Trading Standards Team for a Business Pack, or for help to resolve specific queries. 

Trading Standards Team
Medway Council
Gun Wharf
Dock Road
Kent  ME4 4TR

Tel:  (01634) 333555
Fax: (01634) 332006

Or by completing the online form.

We provide advice to businesses to help them comply with the law.

Check latest news for updates.


Home Authority Principle

We adhere to national guidelines (known as the Home Authority Principle) which require us to place special emphasis on companies resident in Medway.


Age Restricted Sales

Why are some products age restricted?

Certain products present genuine risks to the health and welfare of children and teenagers.  Because of the growing concern about these products, legislation has been put into place to restrict the sale of them.

Traders' responsibilities

Traders must comply with the law.  Failure to do so can result in prosecution and substantial fines.  In most cases the maximum fine for making an illegal sale of an age restricted product is 5000.

How do I protect myself?

There are a number of checks and measures that you can put into place to protect yourself from prosecution.

If you are not sure of your customer's age, ask, you should always ask them to produce a reliable form of proof of age, such as a passport, a driving licence with a photograph, or the Proof of Age Card.  Never accept a birth certificate or a National Insurance card as proof of age.  National Insurance cards are issued before a person has reached their sixteenth birthday.

Keep a refusals register.  This is a record of all of the times that you refuse to sell an age restricted product.  Details kept in the register should be a description of the person, their name and address (if you know it), their age, the date and time of the attempted purchase, and the type of product that was requested.

Display all age restriction notice prominently.  You can get these from the Trading Standards Team.

Train all of your staff on the law and hand out written instructions on the checks that should be carried out.  Keep a training register for each member of staff and keep it up to date.

Ask staff to sign a copy of the instructions that they receive, to show that they have understood them.  Ask them to sign their training register as well.

What products are age restricted?
  • Alcohol   18
  • Cigarettes and tobacco, including cigarette papers  18
  • Fireworks (excluding party poppers)  18
  • Solvents  18
  • Liqueur chocolates  16
  • Lottery tickets and scratchcards  16
  • Offensive weapons  18
  • Video recordings  12, 15, 18

Where can I find out more about the CitizenCard scheme in Medway?

You will find the most recent information on the latest news pages.  Information on the schools programme can be found on the Schools page and details of the discounts and how people can apply for the cards can be found on the Consumer News page.



The Medway Act 2001

  • Click here for more information on The Medway Act 2001.


    Guidance notes and leaflets

    Use our self-help advice sheet listing to find the advice you need.

  • If you cannot find a leaflet in our selection that meets your needs, please go to        Your Views and send us an email detailing your requirements.



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